Voice of an African Child.

​Matatu-mates, to us guys are a life goal. The pretty girls we meet in matatus are the second reason we use perfume. (the first being we probably didn’t shower that day) Not that we engage them in conversations anyway. No. We just love that feeling of sitting next to those beautiful girls weonly interact with on social media.

That lightskin who posted on Facebook about her instagram account “Follow for follow”. You rush to insta and find she follows a mere 200 out of her 15K followers. Either the school you attended got the meaning pf the second “follow” wrong or your eyes are messing. Certainly not that this damsel is lying. Is she? No. Hell no! So you just follow her and wait to be “followed back”. Does she? Of course she does. Why wouldn’t she? You are, after all the son of Mzee Murage who sits at the…

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