I am just 20 years old and I am afraid of what my future will bring. I wish I could say I found an amazing career or became self-made prodigy or social media star but I haven’t. I wish I could say that I found a passion or something I am working towards, but that isn’t the case either. I have a few in between reprieves but in the meantime, I spend my days worrying. I comb through career sites daily hoping to find the perfect job to suit my course (but always disappointed). Until then, I hope others can read my experience and reflect on their own path.


Life Beyond “shosho” media

“My only life goals are to see the sun often, and drink my coffee black while it’s out. And then to make love under the stars. My happiness is not material. I can’t get it or achieve it, and it’s not exclusive to me. My writing is how I pass the time, and it’s part [...]


If there's one truth to depression it is that it is both wholly universal and fundamentally solipsistic. It refracts identity like a dark crystal, and what we are taught is a neurochemical experience felt by many, feels doggedly and unique and of your own. You can feel this so intensely that you can convince those closest to you that it's the case. Then suddenly all parties understand you as a lost cause.


A massive oil spill pollutes the Gulf of Mexico, but everyone who had a responsibility for preventing such a disaster is pointing a finger at everyone else.  Where everyone is responsible, nobody takes responsibility.  Financial institutions make such reckless gambles that they nearly destroy the economy, plunging millions of people into extreme hardship, but those [...]


Our society thrives on fame. Tabloids thrive on the failures and short-comings of our idols and awards such as the Nobel Prize attempt to immortalize and the leaders of our age in history. It would seem the fulfilled life is one that leaves behind a legacy. One that thrives in life and survives them once [...]


   Courtesy of Sonia Stewart  “…… depression for me isn’t smudged mascara and crying into a boy’s chest and acting romantic and reckless. It’s honestly just staring at the wall and not showering for days and not going out with friends and feeling so fucking disconnected from everything that I can barely breathe. It’s not [...]